hazingPIKE at Cornell abides by the National Fraternity’s Standards, which includes a standard prohibiting hazing. It is the stance of our brotherhood that hazing is unacceptable and unwarranted in any and all situations. Our goal, as a brotherhood, is to aid members in developing and maturing as men of principle.

We hope to instill in our members the desire to uphold and live by the tenet of SLAG (Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, Gentlemen). A true Pike strives to be a SLAG and recognizes that there is no place for hazing in achieving that goal. As such, we, the Beta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha do not condone hazing.

According to the Cornell University Campus Code of Conduct (Article II.A.1.f)

If a member is approached and asked to participate in an activity which may be considered hazing:

 “To haze another person, regardless of the person’s consent to participate. Hazing means an act that, as an explicit or implicit condition for initiation to, admission into, affiliation with, or continued membership in a group or organization, (1) could be seen by a reasonable person as endangering the physical health of an individual or as causing mental distress to an individual through, for example, humiliating, intimidating, or demeaning treatment, (2) destroys or removes public or private property, (3) involves the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or the consumption of other substances to excess, or (4) violates any University policy.